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The American College of Exotic Pet Medicine was founded by its board members in 2022 after years-long discussions with practitioners and after unsuccessful attempts were made to establish a combined specialty college that would include all three branches of this veterinary field: Avian, Exotic Small Mammals, and Reptilians and Amphibians.

American College of Exotic Pet Medicine
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American College of Exotic Pet Medicine

Over the years, exotic pet medicine and surgery has continued to evolve and follow the advances being made in mainstream veterinary medicine. As a result, numerous specialty hospitals dedicated to the needs of these unique species began appearing across the country and throughout the world.  However, a more formal and structured certification in exotic pet medicine has yet to be offered to date, with other certifications mainly aimed at providing for practitioners that are self-trained (e.g., the practitioner path) and even less so through a 2 year residency in one of the following areas:  avian medicine, exotic small mammal medicine  or reptiles and amphibians medicine.

We help veterinarians obtain the proper training through residencies and clinical research.

The ACEPM believes that a 3 year mentored residency program focusing on all exotic pet species is the best way to bestow upon the practicing veterinarian the required skills and knowledge base needed to practice at the highest level in this field. Many exotic pet veterinarians feel that the time has finally come to have a combined, homogeneous college that could certify them after the completion of a rigorous training program.


As a result of this historic path, the ACEPM is not currently recognized by the AVMA but is not opposed to being recognized once circumstances allow for it.

Become an ACEPM Diplomate

Read about our residency program and information on certification requirements.

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