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American College of Exotic Pet Medicine

The American College of Exotic Pet Medicine

The home for certified exotic pet veterinarians in avian, exotic small mammal and herpetological medicine. Become an ACEPM Diplomate through residency and research. 


We help veterinarians obtain the proper training through a residency and clinical research, as well as help pet owners find the best care for their exotic pets by qualified veterinarians.

The American College of Exotic Pet Medicine is a certifying non-profit organization for veterinarians who specialize in veterinary care for exotic species kept as pets, including, but not limited to, birds, exotic small mammals, reptiles and amphibians.

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Our Mission

ACEPM's goal is to provide the highest level of veterinary care to exotic pets by means of education, training, and advanced certification for veterinarians, and through the discovery and dissemination of new medical knowledge.

Residency and Certification

ACEPM Diplomates completed advanced training through a rigorous 3 year residency program and contributed to the field of exotic pet medicine by completing and publishing clinical research.

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